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That hilarious selfie in Venice just before you fell into the canal. The priceless shot of your best friend’s face right after you all shouted “Surprise!”. It’s never been easier to capture your greatest moments on camera, and now we’ve made it even easier to relive them together.

take&tag is your new favourite photo app that takes the pain out of organizing, filtering and sharing your photos with the people that matter.

  • Record your events from all perspectives.

    We help you and your friends share content in seconds. When you upload or receive photos, take&tag will check your existing collections for a matching date, giving you the option to combine your group’s photos by event and order them by time taken rather than when they were added. Easy peasy.

  • Organize your photos on the go.

    Why wait till after your trip to share your experiences? take&tag lets you tag photos, organize albums, and prepare shared content all while you’re travelling to that next exciting destination.

  • A search box for your memories.

    There’s nothing worse than hunting for a photo in a sea of menus and folders. take&tag ensures your content is searchable by date and location, as well as tags you or your friends assign. The more you tag, the quicker it will be to whip out that old baby photo. Cue the “aww!”s.

  • You control your privacy.

    Sharing your moments with others can be a pleasure, but that doesn’t mean you need to let everyone in on them. take&tag understands your need for privacy and won’t share your content by default. You decide what to share and who you’d like to share it with. (Maybe that hen’s night is better kept with the girls!)

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