With 5000+ radio stations and many categories from music, religion, sports, news and much more.

Plumpoke is an app with 5000+ radio stations. With many categories from music, religion, sport, news etc., it’s suitable for everyone. Not only that but the radio stations are from many different countries, it caters to a range of people that speak different languages. The app gives you the option to save certain radio stations under “My Stations”, this saves the time of having to search through them all again. Each radio station has been set its own category, the app has a list of the categories and you can browse through them depending on what you want to listen to.

Many radio apps on the market are dedicated to just one radio, for example Kiss and Capital FM. Not many apps support such a vast number of radio stations like Plumpoke does. This in mind, we didn’t want the app to be slow. It also had to be easy to use, navigating through 4,659 radio stations could have been complicated so it was key users weren’t spending a lot of time searching for certain radio stations.

To support so many radio stations but keep the app easy to use, we simply gave each radio station their own category. So if you wanted to listen to a sports radio station, you would go on browse and then “Sports” and listed would be all the sport radio stations. You can also search for radio stations based on Location, language and recommended.

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