A fast, simple, social new reader with suprisingly effective way to chat about news.

Nakedshelf is your mobile platform for discovering, reading, sharing and discussing the content you love.

Uncover your favourite news, blogs and websites from one single place. Discover more about the things you love through tags in every article.

Become your own news stream simply by reading from the sites you love. Follow the streams created by friends. Get together with conversations in every article.

Create multiple accounts and get connected with Linkedin and Facebook. Choose to stay private or go public. Use tabs to manage your news feeds.

The conversation starts here. Get Nakedshelf now and start inviting and following your favourite people.

  • Catalogue - Source news from thousands of feeds all over the world, using filters to narrow your search.
  • Can’t find what you’re looking for? Import your own links.
  • Content Management - Easily add, reorder or remove feeds.
  • Get full text and images
  • Create multiple streams to manage your news personality.
  • Connect with friends from your contacts or via Linkedin and Facebook.
  • Easy share function, no tapping necessary.
  • Let your followers continue your conversation.
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