An app which helps user to beat depression by reading or listening poems or prose in voice of actors and broadcasters

That hilarious selfie in Venice just before you fell into the canal. The priceless shot of your best friend’s face right after you all shouted “Surprise!”. It’s never been easier to capture your greatest moments on camera, and now we’ve made it even easier to relive them together.

The app is split into two sections: Help for a Hurting Mind and Help for a Hurting Body.

  • Help for a Hurting Mind

    There are selections of poetry and wise words to help you through depression: first, words that articulate what depression may feel like; next consoling words to heal you in hard times; uplifting ones to spur you on to recovery; and finally a section to guide you through what Freud described as ‘ordinary human unhappiness’, and stop you falling back into depression.

  • Prose Section

    If you are unable to manage a single line yourself, many of the poems and prose extracts on this app are read aloud by the acclaimed Shakespearean actors Julian Glover and Isla Blair, and the renowned British broadcaster Martyn Lewis.

  • Poem Section

    Comfort Intro, Darkness Intro, Guidance Intro, Strength Intro

  • Diet Section

    The app offers a guided relaxation by Relaxiapps.

  • Relaxation Section

    The app has a guided audio to help you unwind, rest and sleep.

  • The app has a guide to how to exercise to beat depression.

  • App has Medidation Audio and Sleep Audio, which helps you more in another way.

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